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    Mike Youngstrom
    Gitter, eh?
    Mike Heath
    Spring Boot uses Gitter pretty heavily. I thought I would give it a try.
    It's lighter weight than a Google Group.
    Sabith Karippullil Soopy
    are there any other cloudfoundy community on gitter ?
    Mike Heath
    @sks Not that I'm aware of.
    is there gitter room for cloudfoundry related questions?
    I had a doubt regarding DEA cell and the applications running into it
    Mike Heath
    @omkarphadke84 There's not a Gitter room for Cloud Foundry but you can use Slack, slack.cloudfoundry.org
    I have one of my PCF foundation upgraded to 1.7
    I have cfops version 2.2.8
    wrong room
    i ned to join cfops room for that
    Hey..I am accessing private git for config files, in my cf app..how to make the cf app to access private git?
    Hi , Has anyone deployed the gatling on Cloud foundry ? Looking for osme guidence, as we moved 100% to cloud foundry, we don;t have any VMs to run gatling and want to run it in CF. Please help.
    Miguel Angel Salinas Gancedo
    If I have two Boot Spring deployments on for local called application.yml and the other for cloud foundry called application-cloud.yml how and I configure the CF maifest called manifest.yml to pass to the buildpack to take the enviroment varible cloud to get the cloud sprint boot configurations?
    Vincent Stoessel
    I asked in the boot room but posting here because it might be more relevant:
    it seems that PCF will deploy a boot application as a ROOT context to the cloud. Is there a way to make it use a context path as well? Use case is I have an app deployed twice in the same space but I want different clients to connect to them by path my.app.com/one my.app.com/two for example
    Nasim Kabi
    Hi Vencent, I worked with PCF for more than two years and spring boot from its birth. As far as I know PCF generates dns based routes for your deployed app and it does not have a place to set a context path for two different apps with the same domain route. To my knowledge if you wanna expose your app twice with two different configs you need to pick a two different sub domain names instead like this myclient1.app.com and myclient2.app.com
    Corneil du Plessis
    @vinny2020 My only suggest would be to see if Spring Cloud Gateway can do that kind of routing.
    You're also faced with content re-writing if the application is unaware.
    Nasim Kabi
    Corneil you are right using Spring Cloud Gateway can be a solution