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Dec 2015
Dec 18 2015 11:56
@/all. I have rebased #41. However, it does not work.
I think it is an error of alien4cloud last version
The problem is that nodeTemplate.getInterfaces() does not return the interface which was defined by NodeTemplate from topology_template and indexedNodeTemplate.getInterfaces() return the same set of operations. (Take a look to this if-else)
Dec 18 2015 12:02
Then, an operation can not be overwritten by a NodeTemplate. So, the operations which are defined by the NodeTemplate can not available from java objects.
I have compiled and executed test correctly using 1.1.0-SM8 a4c version. So, I think it is a 1.1.0-SM9-SNAPSHOT error
Dec 18 2015 12:08
I do know if you understood my point
Probably, I should open an issue in alien4cloud
Sam Corbett
Dec 18 2015 15:20
@kiuby88 They have a Slack channel that might be quicker for you:
Dec 18 2015 17:01
Thanks a lot @sjcorbett . I hope solve this issue ASAP