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Feb 2016
Feb 21 2016 09:52
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Feb 21 2016 13:22

Hi @/all

I have tried to test a NodeTemplate which contains two relations based on the same NodeType's requirement.
Here you can find an example on Alien4Cloud/Samples repository.

Followig these example I have extended brooklyn-tosca/.../relations.yaml adding another RelationshipTemplate which is based on dbConnection requirement.
The problem is that, although two relatiosns are specified for tomcat_server, only one of them are processed and added to the entitySpec's configs.

I think a possible solution could add to Alien4CloudFacade#findRelationshipsRequirement and Alien4CloudFacade#getPropertiesAndTypeValues the necessary support to manage several relations.
Then, I have opened #90.

In any case, does this feature make sense for you?