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Mar 2016
Guglielmo Nigri
Mar 15 2016 08:47
Hi @/all I’m trying to deploy this blueprint in AMP Pro:
name: Server (AMP Example)

# this basic example shows how AMP can provision a single raw VM
# in the cloud or location of your choice

- type:           server
  name:           My VM

    identity:     cloudsoftinc
    credential:   !Password
and I get ERROR Unable to instantiate item; 2 errors including: Transformer for tosca gave an error creating this plan: Brooklyn TOSCA support is disabled

If I type

credential:   “!Password”

it works correctly. Is the ! character carrying a special meaning here?

Sam Corbett
Mar 15 2016 10:05
@googlielmo Not sure why Brooklyn errors - is there anything of interest in the debug log? The tosca 'error' is (obviously) not an error and should not be fixed in the next release.
Thus quoting is the right thing to do.
Guglielmo Nigri
Mar 15 2016 10:08
Wow, didn’t know that! Thanks Sam!
I was mislead by the Tosca (non-)error :)