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Mar 2016
Kyle P. Johnson
Mar 03 2016 01:06
Hi @soumyag213 Great to hear from you. Would you please email me directly at Also send examples of code and any experience you may have had with NLP.
Thank you, looking forward to hearing more!
Kyle P. Johnson
Mar 03 2016 02:46
A new project idea: "Add support for Word Mover's Distance", now on the ideas page:
Luke Hollis
Mar 03 2016 04:04
Looks great--I think this could enable making some really interesting observations like we were discussing in Looking forward to see what comes of this!
Karan Mangla
Mar 03 2016 08:33
Hello, I am a junior year computer science undergrad at IIIT Hyderabad and a newbie to this organisation. I have used gensim LDA and implemented PLSA for my coursework in NLP. I am really interested in the project "Add support for Word Mover's Distance". How should I get started?
Raveesh Motlani
Mar 03 2016 09:43
@kylepjohnson did you get some time to go through my email again ?