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Mar 2016
Grigory Ignatyev
Mar 04 2016 17:06
Hello everyone, I am bachelor student in NLP from Moscow, Russia and a GSoC 2016 aspirant. I'm interested in developing Python backend to CLTK webapp. I have experience in Python, Flask and HTML/CSS. I would like to contribute to this project, and I would like to discuss details: what particular steps can be done here. It would be great to be part of the team )
Grigory Ignatyev
Mar 04 2016 17:14
This message was deleted
Luke Hollis
Mar 04 2016 18:01
@gree-gorey Thanks, it sounds like your skillset would be really valuable to developing the text server API at Please email me directly at to discuss things in more detail.
Kyle P. Johnson
Mar 04 2016 18:32
@manglakaran Hi! Send me an email about how you would approach developing and testing WMD, also what languages you would be able to work with. I can help with Greek and Latin, however for other languages, we will need to find people to help.
Nishant Suman
Mar 04 2016 20:10
@kylepjohnson Kindly let me knoe the feedback of the mail I've sent you.