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Mar 2016
Kyle P. Johnson
Mar 06 2016 00:35
@jonathanrobie You have some terrific stuff in your repos! I would like to add corpora to the CLTK and, even better, think about how to use them in our core software. I don't see your email, but reach out any time to
Sameer Sonawane
Mar 06 2016 13:42
Hi @kylepjohnson , I am currently in the process of planning the approach to develop WMD and using it for classification. I would like to know how much knowledge of any ancient language is necessary for this project ?
Shubham Singh
Mar 06 2016 19:43
Hi all, I am a CS undergraduate at IIIT-Delhi, India. I have worked with nltk and other NLP libraries and applied those in Sentiment Analysis. I also happen to have some experience in developing Python based backend services (Django, specifically), and I am willing to learn Flask and Meteor for this project. I would love to contribute to CLTK webapp, and like to know how can I proceed?
Kyle P. Johnson
Mar 06 2016 19:49
@shubham12101 pleas email Luke Hollis for about the web app project.
@sameer9311 we are generally looking for knowledge of at least one classical language.m (see our Wiki for a list of these). Be in touch by email for more