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Mar 2016
Mar 11 2016 05:12
Hello, I'm yhg currently being in graduate school in SNU, south korea. I'm working with neural machine translation, and i found you on Google SummerOfCode. Your project looks very interesting in the perspective of NMT. After done few projects, i've realized that one critical point in NMT is that how many data is available. Would you let me know that how many data you have, and what kind of data you have?
Mar 11 2016 08:03
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Mar 11 2016 08:19
Hi, my name is Tatiana, I'm a GSoC 2016 aspirant. I'm currently doing an MA in NLP in Moscow, and I have a BA in oriental studies. I would be happy to contribute to this exciting project. I can work with Modern (Classical) Persian or Ottoman Turkish (for the latter data is much harder to get though). My work would include collecting a corpus and re-implementing basic CLTK functionality for it.
Rajarshee Mitra
Mar 11 2016 16:44
Hi, Any small task for application?
Kyle P. Johnson
Mar 11 2016 22:31
@tlkononova You are the first to approach us with knowledge of Persian and Turkish. Would you please email me at ? Adding support, even partial, to these would be incredible.
@yhg0112 Here are our corpora:
Are you familiar with any Classical langauges? for the MT projoect, this would be important. Please email me for more.