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Mar 2016
Mar 12 2016 10:32
Hi, all! I'm a post-graduate student from BUAA, China, a top university in CS and i major in NLP and machine learning. i write python and i'm learning Ruby now. I have the book "NLP with NLTK" and i really appreciate what you are doing and what CLTK/NLTK is doing! I noticed that there is some jobs about Chinese and CBETA Chinese corpus. I'm a native chinese speaker and my ancient chinese is really good. i won the first prize in "chinese read and write competition" which was mainly about ancient chinese when i was in high school.
I would really like to join in the exciting job about ancient language processing, especially chinese ancient language processing ! thank you all for your wonderful jobs again!
I think i am a good candidate for some job in your idea list. i write python, i'm a native speaker, i'm learning Ruby and i major in NLP and machine learning. besides, i also do some web frontend/backend work such as write some RESTful API using Flask and Django for my lab and write some web pages for my lab using javascript and jQuery.
Mar 12 2016 10:40
by the way, I'm a GSoC 2016 aspirant :-)
Yivan Zhang
Mar 12 2016 13:49
Hello everyone! I'm Yivan, an undergraduate from China and currently I'm studying in Japan. My interest lies in making dependency grammar parsers. I have sent an email to @kylepjohnson . Please let me know your feedback. Thank you for your attention.
I hope we can share ideas and thoughts to contribute to the CLTK.
Luke Hollis
Mar 12 2016 15:07
Hey @PengFoo thanks for your interest! If you're interested in working on the cltk API or frontend, send me an email at to discuss your proposal--for contributing to the cltk core NLP package, please email Kyle at Looking forward to hearing from you.
Manvendra Singh
Mar 12 2016 18:06
i'm having a really fundamental doubt here. what do you exactly mean by corpus in reagrd to CLTK ?