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Mar 2016
Yivan Zhang
Mar 16 2016 12:04
Hi everyone! I’m thinking of adding corpora into the CLTK. I’d like to know if there is any restriction of the corpus. Is it necessary to be dependency treebanks? Because Chinese is pretty analytic, it seems the phrase structure grammar might be more suitable.
And does Old Japanese belong to Classical languages? I found the Oxford Corpus of Old Japanese (OCOJ, The text and a phonemic transcription are available online. If it’s compatible with the CLTK I’ll ask for permission.
Sourav Singh
Mar 16 2016 13:50
@axelixon The OCOJ is a pretty good corpus for Classical Japanese. I had asked the Oxford University for permission a little while ago to use the corpus.I still have not got a reply from them.
Kyle P. Johnson
Mar 16 2016 16:24
Hi @axelixon Thanks for helping. We definitely want treebanks. As for contracting them, please do reach out to them again, we'll see if they reply this time