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Mar 2016
Nathan D. Smith
Mar 17 2016 05:26
#205 tests passed (except the errors relating to dates), so hopefully this is useful.
The other possible issue with betacode is the elision v. breve issue with the apostrophe character.
Yivan Zhang
Mar 17 2016 09:21
Hi. @souravsingh @kylepjohnson. Thanks for the information. I have written emails to the OCOJ team and the project director, for permission for incorporating the corpora into the CLTK.
I also wrote an email to the “CityU Treebank of Classical Chinese Poems” for information. It’s a Classical Chinese treebank which is planned to be made publicly available.
If I get any reply I will follow up.
Sourav Singh
Mar 17 2016 13:59
@kylepjohnson I have obtained permission from University of Virginia to utilise the Japanese texts in the library for our project. I am working on collecting the texts
Kyle P. Johnson
Mar 17 2016 14:57
@souravsingh Wow! Please reach out if you need anything from us. Also, do not move the repo before some of us here have a chance to look it over. Finally, please forward me the email from U of VA
@axelixon Thank you, if they reply, please cc me on any emails back to those two groups
Sourav Singh
Mar 17 2016 18:09
@kylepjohnson I have forwarded the e-mail corrsepondence I have from University of Virginia. Please let me know if the texts can be used for cltk.
Kyle P. Johnson
Mar 17 2016 18:38
Got it and replied. Amazing website!