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Mar 2016
Kanchana Ranasinghe
Mar 18 2016 04:30
Hi, @kylepjohnson I sent my plan for GSoC 2016 (
Sourav Singh
Mar 18 2016 12:19
Hi, @kylepjohnson University of Virginia also has a corpus for old english but it is only accessible to UVa users only. Would it be possible to request the data from them?
Sorry, it wasn't University of Virginia. It is University of Michigan
Kyle P. Johnson
Mar 18 2016 13:21
@kahnchana Have we emailed about your project yet? Send me a link to your proposal and we'll get to it by this weekend
@souravsingh sure, please do write them!
Wentao Lu
Mar 18 2016 15:02
@kylepjohnson I just send you the draft. Can you take a look please? Thank you!
Kyle P. Johnson
Mar 18 2016 15:29
@wugui2020 thanks I'll get to it by end of this weekend.