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Aug 2016
Akhilesh Chobey
Aug 14 2016 08:38
Hi everyone. I am quite new to open source and would like to know how do I start contributing or rather working on this project.
Kyle P. Johnson
Aug 14 2016 18:17
Hello, @Akhilesh28 ! Do you know a bit of any Classical language?
If so, take a look and see if there's anything you'd be able to add for it:
DM me through Gitter and let me know more about your background and interests :)
Sourav Singh
Aug 14 2016 19:57
@kylepjohnson Since we are working on Windows support in future, I wish to know if we will be working on a conda recipe for CLTK?
Sourav Singh
Aug 14 2016 20:04
A conda recipe for CLTK can help in streamlining installation in Windows. And many scientific Python packages have a conda package.
Kyle P. Johnson
Aug 14 2016 20:19
Hey Sourav, I would like to understand the process for building packages for Anaconda. I have also recently read up on improvements to wheels for Windows executables
My only reservations revolve around how I or other maintainers can build those packages when we don't own a Windows OS personally
For Anaconda my understanding is that we need a Windows OS to build on first
Alternative: teach Windows users how to install C library themselves. Glyph's latest blog is really helpful:
Kyle P. Johnson
Aug 14 2016 20:25
I would like someone to try the REM command mentioned towards the end
Manvendra Singh
Aug 14 2016 20:57
According to me, since for Windows we're utilising what can be essentially called a replica of Linux Bash Terminal, there is no need to add new features at the moment. Installation should and will remain the same as we have on POSIX systems
That's the whole point of this type of Windows support
On the other hand, a conda recipe can be very useful for the scholars who have less expertise with command line.
:thumbsup: on that with @souravsingh
Sourav Singh
Aug 14 2016 22:12
@kylepjohnson Building packages for Conda requires a Conda recipe in YAML and a shell script for instructions on building the recipe. Since we currently have a PyPI package, conda can easily create a skeleton YAML recipe and shell script for us using command conda skeleton.
I am only worried about building of C libraries for the conda recipe, which I believe shouldn't be too complicated.