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Oct 2016
Vaibhav Grover
Oct 31 2016 12:43
Hello Kyle ! I will like to contribute for this project. I have knowledge of deep learning and natural language processing. I have made two project 1) Spam filter 2) ChatBot
Kyle P. Johnson
Oct 31 2016 20:14
Hello @salman-bhai @forcehandler @Vabs123 Thank you for your interest in the project. For our upcoming projects, we will be looking for people with experience with an ancient language. In anticipation of Google Summer of Code 2017, we will be asking all applicants to demonstrate some familiarity with NLP and the CLTK.
To that end, please refer to this page'-exercises and share your results with us. We don't care what language you use.
When you're done, please write here or directly to me to share your results!