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Nov 2016
Vaibhav Grover
Nov 01 2016 04:53
@kylepjohnson sir cltk is not installing ... its giving an error -----No matching distribution found for regex (from cltk)
Vaibhav Grover
Nov 01 2016 12:39
@kylepjohnson i have used sankrit corpus . Here are my results ---> file ->sanskrit/text/sanskrit_text_wikipedia/wiki_documents/ayurved ashta.txt total words -> 42720 , unique words = 11384 , Lexical diversity = 0.2664794007490637
How do I show characters per word and words per sentences ?
There is a huge list of them
Kyle P. Johnson
Nov 01 2016 14:27
@Vabs123 please DM me and send a link to your script. I can help
Sourav Singh
Nov 01 2016 15:35
I have sent a mail regarding the POS taggers project @kylepjohnson