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Nov 2016
Himanshu Verma
Nov 11 2016 10:50
Hello, I'm Himanshu. I'll like to contribute to this project. I was browsing through last year's G-Soc Projects and i saw this project. I have working experience of NLP and ML. Is there anyone who could help me get started?
Luke Hollis
Nov 11 2016 14:49
Hi @himanshuv1996, welcome! @kylepjohnson will know best, and I want to echo his suggestion of using the cltk in your research being the best way to determine what needs to be developed/added/reworked. Otherwise, you can check out the issues on the core library repo here: or on our web-based linked data reading environment for the corpora managed by the CLTK here:
Recently, I've been more focused on the reading environment (react + meteor), and others can speak more toward the core package.
For API / frontend related issues, you can also check out room