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Jan 2017
Jan 23 2017 06:58
Hello, my name is Anthony. I am a second year student at the University at Buffalo and I am looking to get involved with cltk. I have experience in java and am looking to contribute whatever I can in order to further hone my skills as a coder. I am not quite sure where to get started so if anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great! If it is more convenient for you to contact me another way my email is and my IRC nick is redtomato. Thanks!
Advait Raykar
Jan 23 2017 10:35
Hello, I am a first year computer science undergrad. This project seems highly interesting, and I would like to contribute to it. Can someone help me get started. Email: .
Ankur Shukla
Jan 23 2017 12:28
hi, i am electrical undergraduate. i am very interested in this project, specially related to indian languages. i have exposure to flask, django frameworks in python, java and javascript. i am new to NLP. @kylepjohnson please guide me how to contribute to this project. i would love to
Kyle P. Johnson
Jan 23 2017 14:20
@/all thanks for your interest in the CLTK. I have updated our projects page:
Before coming back to us with questions, please do one of our Beginners' exercises, if you are not experienced with the CLTK:'-exercises
We will be looking for several GSoC students this year, however keep in mind that the bar is quite high, for we need people who know a Classical language (see list on our Wiki) and also can program (and preferably familiar with NLP, too)