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Jan 2017
Suhan Prabhu
Jan 31 2017 20:06
Hello, I am from IIIT Hyderabad and I am currently pursuing a dual degree in Computer science and Computational Linguistics. I have a fair background in Linguistics and just doing basic NLP right now. I have quite a strong exposure and experience to C, C++, Python and fairly decent experience in JavaScript. I have been exposed to version control for 8 months and am pretty comfortable working with GIT. I have also just started to look into deep learning. I came across this organisation and would like to contribute to it. I have a couple of questions. I know Kannada, however, not entirely classical. Does that count as knowing a classical language, or should I increase my knowledge in the language. Also, what are the NLP tasks we will be performing here? Will it be use of ML concepts? @kylepjohnson Looking forward to your reply. :)