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Feb 2017
Nitish Kulshrestha
Feb 28 2017 12:30
@kylepjohnson hi I was hoping to work on CLTK over the summer (ie GSoC)
I have posted the solutions to warm-up exercises at (RALANG = Repo of Ancient LANGuages)
Sagar Kar
Feb 28 2017 14:42
@kylepjohnson Hi Sir I am a 3rd year student from NIT Silchar India. I am currently working in a NLP project for resume classification, I would like to work with CLTK in GSOC. Can you help me get started. I have good knowledge of python and covering up NLP. I am connected to opensource contribution, my best project is ( ). It will be very helpful if someone can guide me into. Thanks
Feb 28 2017 18:23
@kylepjohnson I am a beginner in opensource and fifth year Student from IIT Kharagpur. I have worked in the field of NLP and machine translation. I have done projects in "Multi Class Tweet Classification on Nepal Earthquake". I would like to contribute in GSOC for cltk.
Rishabh Agrahari
Feb 28 2017 19:33

@aakash5897 Hi, the proxy issue can be solved, pls check you /etc/apt/apt.conf file, it should contain
Acquire::http:proxy "http://username:password@proxy_address:port/"
Acquire::https:proxy "https://username:password@proxy_address:port/"

or if the problem still persists then set an env variable like:
export http_proxy="http://usrname:passwrd@host:port"
export https_proxy="https://usrname:passwrd@host:port"

hope this helps :D

Rishabh Agrahari
Feb 28 2017 19:51

My name is Rishabh Agrahari. I am a second year undergraduate at Indian Institute of Technology (B.H.U), India. I would like to be part of GSOC'17 with CLTK and would like to contribute in "Extend CLTK core to new language" I have started with beginner's excercise. I have good programming background in python for over 1 year, consider myself as a prospective student for this.

I have written this to introduce myself to CLTK and seek guidance.

Rishabh Agrahari
Feb 28 2017 20:06
The CLTK is only officially supported with Python 3.6 on POSIX–compliant operating systems (Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, etc.).
Arpita Agrawal
Feb 28 2017 20:59
Arpita Agrawal
Feb 28 2017 21:06
My name is Arpita Agrawal. I am a masters student at USC. I am interested in the field of Natural Language Processing and am currently working on translation of Hindi text to Urdu. I would love to be a part of CLTK in GSOC this year. I have a basic knowledge of Sanskrit and would like to contribute in adding classical knowledge to CLTK. I am done with the beginners exercise and would appreciate further guidance in this!