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Mar 2017
Aahan Bhatt
Mar 01 2017 07:49 UTC
Hello, My name is Aahan. I'm an undergraduate student at Charotar University of Science and Technology currently in my 3rd year. I would like to be a part of a project where I can contribute to CLTK Archive website for GSOC'17. More specifically I would like to work on cltk_api. I've pretty much required experience in Python. I'm quite fluent with Django too, hence I feel I will be able to contribute to the project. It is great to connect with the CLTK community :) Thanks.
Aahan Bhatt
Mar 01 2017 09:04 UTC
Done with the beginners excersice.
Rishabh Agrahari
Mar 01 2017 14:03 UTC
@kylepjohnson I am done with the excercises.
Mar 01 2017 17:58 UTC
Hi, dear developers. I am Xin YUAN, a graduate student from Tsinghua University (China's best engineering university), China. Currently I am a member at Professor Jie Zhou’s group on deep learning. I have the basic knowledge of NLP. I have familiarized myself with C++ and Python programming languages. I was a manger of a SDK project during my internship and have the required experience in integrating modules and designing APIs. I am now interested in Converting Coptic Scriptorium to Python. @kylepjohnson
Battu Varshit
Mar 01 2017 22:56 UTC
Hi !!
Is there a development version of cltk where we can check the working of the functionality that we add?
Or should we be doing python install everytime we change something?