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Mar 2017
Davin Difeng Yu
Mar 02 2017 01:45
@varshit97 Hi, try to use 'python develop' to install the package.
Kyle P. Johnson
Mar 02 2017 05:48
@varshit97 yes you need to rerun everytime you want to test a change. @Davin-Yu I have not used the develop option, will look into that
@/all Thank you so much for your interest in the CLTK and GSoC 2017. Because there will be so many applicants, the best way to get advice is to send me an email ( with a draft of your project application letter.
@/all Please see the updated description of the "add-a-language" project. There you will see some bullet points that you will need to explain to us (not just me, but all of the mentors) the following:
* what NLP functionality you will be able to add;
* the relative priorities of the new functionality;
* what kinds of software and algorithms you will be using;
* the linguistic or scholarly pedigree of your chosen software and algorithms;
* what open source linguistic data (corpora, word lists, dictionaries, etc.) * you will use to accomplish your goals;
* for the data, how much preparation will be required.
Rishabh Agrahari
Mar 02 2017 07:14
@kylepjohnson Could you please elaborate what it means when you say "we non-exclusively consider Sanskrit, Classical Chinese etc". thanks
Kyle P. Johnson
Mar 02 2017 07:24
It means we are open to other languages, too