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Mar 2017
Yashu Seth
Mar 11 2017 19:22
Hello everyone. I am interested in the project - "Convert Coptic Scriptorium to Python" for GSoC 2017. Can someone please help me get started with how to proceed? Thanks in advance.
Rishabh Agrahari
Mar 11 2017 19:27
Hi @yashu-seth, what about solving some issues and go through docs
Kyle P. Johnson
Mar 11 2017 19:31
@yashu-seth Do you know Coptic?
Yashu Seth
Mar 11 2017 19:32
@kylepjohnson Not very familiar with it but have been going through it.
Kyle P. Johnson
Mar 11 2017 19:33
It is a hard language. To do this for GSoC, you will need at least 1 or 2 years experience studying it
However if you really believe that you can rewrite it without knowledge of the language, I would be interested in seeing a small example of the rewrite.
Ashir Borah
Mar 11 2017 19:36
Hey Kyle, I emailed you a few days back about Sanskrit. I can see that the alphabet list and other things have been constructed for it. What else can I do to help? I was also trying to help through GSoC if possible and have sent other Indian languages I know
Yashu Seth
Mar 11 2017 19:39
@kylepjohnson Okay. Thanks for the update. I'll look into it and see if I can come up with an example of the rewrite.
Kyle P. Johnson
Mar 11 2017 19:48
@yashu-seth Give it a try. Start with a very small example and do it very well
Shivangi Motwani
Mar 11 2017 21:22
Hi everyone, I am 4th year student from GEC, Gandhinagar India. I am interested in working with CLTK in GSOC. Can someone help me get started.