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Feb 2018
Feb 13 2018 08:24
Hi! I am Shreya from India. I am new here. Please guide me how to proceed. I would like to contribute in Python.
Nishchith Shetty
Feb 13 2018 08:36
@shreyateeza have a look at'-exercises and other wiki pages for the starters and then maybe you can go for solving some issue under 'easy' tags . :smile:
Feb 13 2018 08:37
Feb 13 2018 09:17

Hi ,I am pankaj kumar a second year computer science undergraduate from Indian Institute of Technology,Palakkad.

i would like to contribute and code for NPL in GSOC 2018

i have programming skills in

  1. c skilled
  2. c++ skilled
  3. python skilled
  4. java script skilled

i am new to open source development but have relevant coding skills and time this summer holiday to make a usefull
contribution in GSOC.

Vikrant Goyal
Feb 13 2018 09:33
Hi, I am Vikrant Goyal, a 3rd yr undergraduate from IIIT Hyderabad, India. I have introduced myself on the CLTK's mailing list. I am an opensource enthusiast and would like to contribute in GSoC 2018. Before starting with anything. I just want to confirm that whether Hindi and Punjabi are in the consideration of CLTK. I would like to contribute or adding corpora in this language domain. If not then should I proceed with the intergrating moses with the CLTK project as I am familiar with hindi-english MT. Thanks :smile:
Ayush Goel
Feb 13 2018 12:34
Hello everyone , I'm Ayush Goel.
I would like to contribute to CLTK
Sanskar Agrawal
Feb 13 2018 16:41
Hello, I am Sanskar Agrawal, a 2nd year undergraduate student from IIT Kharagpur. I would like to implement NLP functionality for Sanskrit. Please guide me.
Feb 13 2018 17:17
Hello everyone, I am Suvam Dubey, a 2nd year undergraduate student. I would to like to contribute to CLTK. I am new to open source so it would be great if you help me out in getting started.
Karan Dabas
Feb 13 2018 17:44
Hello everyone
Osho Agyeya
Feb 13 2018 17:49
Hi, from where are we supposed to start
Karan Dabas
Feb 13 2018 17:52
@sanskar-sopho You may find this useful as they have done a basic level of nlp functionality for various language including sanskrit. Link to github repo:
Nishchith Shetty
Feb 13 2018 17:55

@osho-agyeya @suvamdubey @sanskar-sopho @danyayush7 :smile:

have a look at'-exercises and other wiki pages for the starters and then maybe you can go for solving some issue under 'easy' tags . :smile:

Kyle P. Johnson
Feb 13 2018 18:39
Thank you @inishchith . Just like Nishchith says, please start with the beginners' exercise and include that in your application questions to us. It is important that you have used our software a little before proposing how to improve it :)
Nishchith Shetty
Feb 13 2018 18:40
@kylepjohnson :+1: :smile:
Chatziargyriou Eleftheria
Feb 13 2018 19:33

Hello everyone!

I am Eleftheria, a freshman in the Mathematics Department of Aristotle University, Greece. Despite having learned beyond the basics of NLP, I am well aware that there is virtually endless reading I have to do before considering myself half-decent at it. Additionally, although I have developed various scripts throughout the years, they have all been for either personal use or distributed among friends. Unfortunately I never felt confident enough to dabble in OS before, so this whole experience is a bit out of my comfort zone.
As someone interested in computational linguistics, what initially drew me to your projects was the core idea. I am advanced in Ancient Greek and I take immense pleasure in reading the original texts (Aristotle being a favourite of mine). I also have some exposure in Latin and Middle High German, but wouldn't consider myself competent at either.
Currently playing around with cltk and going through the documentation. Looking forward to contributing :)

Pabitra Lenka
Feb 13 2018 23:39
Hi @Sedictious welcome onboard to CLTK :smile: .