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Feb 2018
Dhruv Apte
Feb 16 2018 02:39
@osho-agyeya , I suggest you to read up on git and version control a little bit more. :smile: . GitHub provides very good documentation about this
Nishchith Shetty
Feb 16 2018 09:15
i'd like to urge every contributor to please follow . 1: if there's an issue , open a ticket describing the same . 2. please wait for the owner / mentor to give an assignment tag or a :+1: on that thread . 3. then move ahead with solving the issue .
in reference to cltk/cltk#641 .
@kylepjohnson sir please correct me if i'm wrong
Pratyush Gaurav
Feb 16 2018 13:06
Hello, I am Pratyush Gaurav, BTech 2nd year student at Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi. I have worked before in ML and NLP a bit but am new to open source. I would like to contribute to the project can you guide me how to get started?
Nishchith Shetty
Feb 16 2018 13:08