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Feb 2018
Feb 22 2018 20:17
I would like to contribute to your project.
I am a second-year student of linguistics in Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia). I know Python, R, statistics and algorithms. I also know how to work with python modules for data analysis and machine learning (pandas and scikit-learn). I am eager to learn. I studied Old Church Slavonic during my first year, so I know its grammar and can extend CLTK core to Old Church Slavonic (add phonology module, lemmatizer, stemmer, stopword list and POS tagger).
Here is an example of my code: (a webpage in Olg Church Slavonic language, made with flask)
I am interested in CLTK, because I am a linguist and I am interested in computational linguistics and natural language processing, and your project is a really interesting one.
We can discuss more via e-mail:
Best regards,
Olga Pichuzhkina.