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Mar 2018
Ankit Dhankhar
Mar 02 2018 01:52
Hi I'm as second year undergrad student form IIT Roorkee I have good knowledge in perl and python programming language and would like to contribute for "Convert Coptic Scriptorium to Python". Can anyone suggest me how to get started (means repo where I should submit PR and related stuff)?
Thanks & Regards,
Mar 02 2018 02:01
@pabitralenka Thanks :)
Dhruv Apte
Mar 02 2018 05:56
@Balance-Breaker Hello! How about you go through CLTK's wiki pages. There's a nice 'Getting started' page that can help you!
Mar 02 2018 07:15
Hi @kylepjohnson @inishchith please review my PR, so that I can get an idea in which way I am to proceed.
Saloni Nigam
Mar 02 2018 09:23
@LBenzahia @kylepjohnson please review my pr #723 .