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Mar 2018
Ambuj Mishra
Mar 10 2018 09:20
Hey, I came across this through the GSoC. I am interested in working with cltk on Indian native laguages (Sanskrit, Hindi, Bengali,etc.). I have already been working with Hindi-English data on problems like their sentiment analysis and translation into pure languages. How should I proceed further in this regard. Also, sorry for being so late. I think I can make up for it. :-)
Dhruv Apte
Mar 10 2018 10:18
@kylepjohnson regarding the draft proposal,should we mail it to you? And should it be in Markdown format?
Kyle P. Johnson
Mar 10 2018 16:38
@avkumar19 I have finally merged your PRs. I'd be cool to see a project adding Classical Hindi (and maybe other Indian languages) -- however it is critical that you have good data sets for the historical forms of the languages (and thus not the form of the language written in the past ~200 years).
@the-APM See my comment right here ^^^^ keep in mind that we do not do living languages but only the forms that were written in the past. Languages change a lot over the centuries, so we cannot (usually) use models trained on modern data (eg, as usually with sentiment analysis)
@the-ethan-hunt use google docs and share with me and @diyclassics
@jean72human See the cltk_frontend channel for info on the web projects
Kyle P. Johnson
Mar 10 2018 17:01
@vyhuholl OCS would be a great language for a project, since there are a lot of corpora and data sets. Are there other languages (Slavic or not) that you could also add to your project proposal?
@/all A new easy issue for anyone to work on: cltk/cltk#738
Nishchith Shetty
Mar 10 2018 17:02
@kylepjohnson I think i can work on it . can you assign :smile:
also i've been waiting for your review on (cltk/cltk#713) thread .
Avinash Kumar
Mar 10 2018 17:45
@kylepjohnson Thank you for replying. I am really looking forward to work for cltk to add Classical Hindi. I have some experience in those languages from 14th to 18th century.
Saloni Nigam
Mar 10 2018 19:13
@kylepjohnson please let me know the changes for my pr #723