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Mar 2018
Omar Qasim
Mar 17 2018 14:25
Hey @kylepjohnson @diyclassics Please review my shared draft asap.
Lakhdar Benzahia
Mar 17 2018 15:48
Hello @all
your proposal should be contain answers for the following questions, And it's better to add it in background section
  • Have you taken part in GSoC?
  • Any previous experience with Cltk, or similar systems?
  • Previous experience with Open Source?
  • What development platforms, tools and methods I prefer?
  • Have you previously been responsible for a project of a similar scope?
  • Will your Summer of Code project be the main focus?
  • How many hours a week will you realistically be able to devote to your projec ?
  • Are you applying for other projects in GSoC 2017?
  • Do you agree to Cltk the MIT licence?
Lakhdar Benzahia
Mar 17 2018 16:21
hi @all, We'll start using Branch-based github workflow, ASAP we'll add some helpful git CLI to get familiar with .
Please check this out !
Good luck!
Mar 17 2018 20:13
@kylepjohnson I've shared with you my proposal, please review it