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Sep 2018
Akshay Kumar
Sep 17 2018 15:50
Hi! It's Akshay. I'm a Computer science Undergrad student. I would like to contribute to the CLTK . Can anyone please guide me how can I get started and what are the skills required to contribute. I have a little grasp on Sanskrit :) .
Kyle P. Johnson
Sep 17 2018 18:38
Hey everyone, the admins of the CLTK have been behind in replying to many inputs from contributors and would-be contribs. Please accept our apologies
For those interested in taking part GSoC 2019, or just interested in the project in general, the best thing you can do is to familiarize yourself with the project. Start by reading all of the wiki -- .
Kyle P. Johnson
Sep 17 2018 18:47
If you are interested in building out a language's NLP capabilities, keep in mind that GSoC is not intended for data creation (eg, OCR) or annotation (eg, making training sets). You best bet will be to find a language with some NLP support (corpora, algos, etc) and propose to (a) port them into Python for the CLTK and (b) to make some modest improvements upon those
Thanks, we will try to be more active on this list, but cannot guarantee it for the next month or so