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Jan 2019
Kyle P. Johnson
Jan 01 00:24


Can text-books of schools and newspaper articles be used even though they are still owned by others ?

No, they cannot. Also, we only use the pre-modern form of languages, so nothing pre-18th or 17th century (sometimes earlier)

@/all Instead of beginning work on tasks like adding corpora, your time is better spent doing research on available, ancient resources. If you have some answers to the 6 questions at the end of our blog post [] then you can email me and I'll put you in touch with a potential mentor.
Jan 01 12:04
I found this can we use this? @Seenivasanseeni , @Erikishiru
Piyush Yadav
Jan 01 12:28
@SunilKu12355774_twitter looks good
did you try to fill the registration form and access data
i was not able to go through
Jan 01 14:52
not exactly the site is stating some sort of error. But we can still scrap data from sites like
Jan 01 16:20
I'll get to work on it.