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Jan 2019
Jan 12 22:36
Guys, I'm gonna launch my own library which is a client for You can already install it using pip install thelatinlibrary. It may be useful in a future :P
Soham Ghosh
Jan 12 23:07
Hey CLTK society. I am a noob here! I am a B.Tech undergraduate student at National Institute of Technology Karnataka(NITK). I am a open source enthusiast and have research experience in Language Processing from IISc Bangalore. Bengali is one of the most ancient and patronized language of India and boasts of works that achieved milestones at the world stage like Nobel Prize for literature and Academy Awards at The Oscars for the film "Pather Panchali"(originally made in Bengali). A bit amazed to see that it lacks contribution in this sphere but equally enthusiastic about showcasing my desire in contributing for the same. Can anyone help me around with the way I can get a head start. I am willing to join the organisation and start the contributions with a long term motive of helping the organisation and also contribute for GSoc 19'