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Jan 2019
Jan 13 14:48
Hi All
I am a 4th year UG student in Economics Department at IIT Kanpur. I was always interested in the study of ancient languages and would like to contribute. But, I am not familiar with NLP but have done courses and projects on ML. I am interested in learning NLP too.
Can please someone suggest me some NLP sources, if required and show to start contributing with my current knowledge?
Thanks :)
Kyle P. Johnson
Jan 13 17:44

@hearot Thank you for letting us know about your project! Lately a CLTK contrib has been working on readers, too, since this has been a weak spot for our project. See two recent PRs here, though we have not written docs yet:

I am curious: What are the goals for thelatinlibrary project? Who do you imagine your users will be and how will they use it?

Thanks again @hearot please stay in touch. There are so few digital classicists that we should know each other :)

@isohamnemesis Bengali has a great pre-modern history, but if you're interested in doing a GSoC project, you need to prove to us that there exists enough data to write algorithms. Please see our latest blog post on -- it has everything you need to know
Kyle P. Johnson
Jan 13 17:50
@anshul96go I'll be honest, a GSoC proposal might be difficult for you, this year. The bar for our project is unusually high, since a student needs, at least, (a) a little NLP knowledge and (b) some understanding of an ancient/classical language. I feel that ML is of secondary importance, in particular as a way to assist doing NLP better.