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Nov 2015
Luke Hollis
Nov 29 2015 00:29
That's awesome!
This all looks great
I'd been using the @jsonp to get and display the API in the frontend app, so any get methods we want to use on the frontend need @jsonp, I believe...
kk let me get to work implementing these
Luke Hollis
Nov 29 2015 00:36
Gunicorn looks great!
Kyle P. Johnson
Nov 29 2015 02:19
Cool. Not sure if I can get anything done for the rest of the night, but ping me if you need help relaunching the flask app. I will add jsonp to the get methods if you don't first
Luke Hollis
Nov 29 2015 02:26
okay awesome--will start moving to concentrate on the meteor development
Also, I have been mulling over DB performance. If we want to go the relational route, and enjoy very good speeds, we could write the json data in multiple chunks, into the db. Thus, for Herodotus, we could have tables with it pre-chunked into various parts, eg: herodotus_histories_work and herodotus_histories_book and herodotus_histories_book_chapter and herodotus_histories_book_chapter_section. The API would route the request into the appropriate query, for maximum speed. Not for this first or second or even perhaps third iteration, but could solve speed issues if mongo won't scale