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Dec 2015
Luke Hollis
Dec 03 2015 04:19
hey it's about time they had json support in mysql
that's great
I'm all for keeping things in Mongo as is
Meteor has a database included by default
has mongo
but now that the api supports querying individual chunks, it could go either way
I guess conceptually it helps me think about a portion of the api for the sole and only purpose of feeding data to the frontend
Luke Hollis
Dec 03 2015 04:29
as something coming from a mongo database
but for our deadline by the 13th, I'll try to make everything work just from the files first
Kyle P. Johnson
Dec 03 2015 04:33
@lukehollis and @ferthalangur -- really interesting conversation for me to follow. I am fairly agnostic about backend … if optimization is a chief goal, from early on, then the Postgres-JSON way is intriguing.
In my past experience writing an API, the chief struggle is hammering out the ugly details surrounding the URL + data objects. If we can do this well, I think we'll set up for success regardless
Luke Hollis
Dec 03 2015 05:36
yeah! I think that's the truth!