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Jan 2016
Kyle P. Johnson
Jan 07 2016 19:48
Remember our POstgres conversation a while back? Just saw this and it looks terrific.
Seems a lot of people vouch for it. It's thought through the JSON-SQL stuff for us, while apparently abstracting away the hard parts. Who knows, maybe too good to be true, but worth consideration once we are ready
Luke Hollis
Jan 07 2016 21:47
This looks really good!
I've never worked with haskell before--but it seems like this is exactly the sort of thing we'd need to build
Kyle P. Johnson
Jan 07 2016 22:50
Me neither. I hope this involves little to no knowledge of Haskell! I think my API could just take to the postgres API. That way, we can keep the URL logic you're building off