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Mar 2016
Luke Hollis
Mar 09 2016 00:27
@aakarshsingh, I think that sounds really interesting-- seems like you and @gree-gorey have been thinking along the same lines! Check out his xslt script here:
I think that this would be really useful if we could generalize it enough to accommodate the variations in the different xml formats.
(among the perseus latin and greek corpora)
Luke Hollis
Mar 09 2016 00:33
we can write different scripts in xslt/python/etc. to deal with the other formats when necessary
Grigory Ignatyev
Mar 09 2016 10:25
Yes, indeed.
I write my observations and thoughts about the issue cltk/cltk_api#11
Aakarsh Singh
Mar 09 2016 15:15
Yes, I went through the script. It does a similar thing what I was thinking about. I think we just need to be open to use different logic to parse and get the different XMLs to the working format. Once we have done enough of that, we would know how to generalize it.