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Mar 2016
Kyle P. Johnson
Mar 20 2016 01:24
@Imran31 I chose to use author/corpus/title names, and not id numbers, intentionally. I believe an API should be self-explanatory, and this helps
Luke Hollis
Mar 20 2016 16:47
Hey @Imran31, I agree with @kylepjohnson here--I like the way you're thinking, but unless we specifically need to move to id number because we're having naming conflicts, I'm still uncertain of what value moving to id numbers would add other than making shorter URLs and moving to id numbers would require the additional overhead of maintaining the id lookup table.
Also, it appears that we no longer need the /api directory in the cltk_api repository because the only database will be on the Meteor cltk_frontend application.
Luke Hollis
Mar 20 2016 17:03
Will remove the /api directory now.