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Jun 2016
Kyle P. Johnson
Jun 11 2016 14:02
Pinging @manu-chroma
We restarted the server recently, however the api did not start automatically was this something you worked on before?
I remember you running the app gunicorn (on 5000), then using nginx to forward to 80. Do I have this right?
I'd like to get your work documented in the repo :)
Rob Jenson
Jun 11 2016 18:12
@kylepjohnson I’m not sure that nginx was ever pointed at port 5000.
It might be best, in order to keep things simple, to create another name for the “frontend” such as
Then we can proxy to port 5000 and proxy to port 8080
Rob Jenson
Jun 11 2016 18:24
I don’t have the Dreamhost credentials to add a “host” to the DNS.