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Jun 2016
Manvendra Singh
Jun 17 2016 11:23
Hey @kylepjohnson , how can I help ?
Did you restart the server droplet on which I setup NGINX server before ?
And yes you're correct about the port numbers.
Manvendra Singh
Jun 17 2016 11:28
I can look into the server and fix whatever problem you're facing. Also, which scripts do you want available in the repo ?
Kyle P. Johnson
Jun 17 2016 14:57
Hey Rob, ditto my earlier message.
about the change to make
@manu-chroma I made an image of the server you were working on and turned it off. I can restart it if that helps you
Manvendra Singh
Jun 17 2016 15:17
@kylepjohnson I'll ask for it if I require in the future :smile:
I thought you were using the same server setup currently and facing problems with that