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Jun 2016
Kyle P. Johnson
Jun 20 2016 06:29
In case you guys didn't see, here are the new Perseus repos that are available for conversion:
I want to start using these, though surely there'll be some work to serve in the frontend
@lukehollis I am beginning to think of a plan to host these converted files, however I don't want to do jump the gun. Should we table plans for this until after your upcoming demo?
Luke Hollis
Jun 20 2016 13:28
Oh sure, that sounds good! Though I don't want to hold off just on account of that--we can move things around as necessary before then or even demo a local copy of the applications with screenshare
Kyle P. Johnson
Jun 20 2016 14:37
OK, I suppose I can make them and you them as you're ready. I'll work on it this week