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Jul 2016
Manvendra Singh
Jul 20 2016 10:42 UTC
Hey, it's been long. I was back to working on cltk/cltk_api#24
Long amounts of gap in discussion have left me a little confused on how to proceed with this.
This is what I've understood and have in mind for now.
Expose GET /core/ner/<string:sentence> endpoint
And feed the input string to the following endpoint and pipe the output to wikipedia search module.
@lukehollis @kylepjohnson Thoughts ?
Also, sorry for the delay in getting back to addressing the issues.
Manvendra Singh
Jul 20 2016 10:51 UTC
One more idea, rather than picking up any particular result from wikipedia search, can we display top k results and user decide what is most relevant for them ?
Seems like a better approach to reduce ambiguity and increase accuracy.