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Aug 2016
Manvendra Singh
Aug 06 2016 10:10
@kylepjohnson @lukehollis In case of NER for Latin, should I take the string and pass it directly to NER method or first use JVReplacer and then go for the NER ? Or should this be given as an option to the user of the API ?
Kyle P. Johnson
Aug 06 2016 13:03
You could add an optional query string, like &jvreplce=True. If the language is Latin and it makes sense for the algorithm, then the replacement is done
Know how to do that? Thanks, that's a smart question
Manvendra Singh
Aug 06 2016 15:40
I think better approach would be a POST request here
Here's what I had in mine
POST request /ner/
{'string': 'Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres',
'lang': 'latin',
'jvreplce': 'True'}
if 'jvreplce' is not given in the json, it will fallback to deafult
and yes, I think I can do this bit
Thoughts ?
Kyle P. Johnson
Aug 06 2016 15:47
Yeah I like that too. It's cleaner, for sure
Luke Hollis
Aug 06 2016 19:22
Seems good to me. Long-term, GETs with the query string @kylepjohnson mentioned might be a little better because GETs can be cached