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Aug 2016
Luke Hollis
Aug 22 2016 02:10
Hey Ratul, thanks! We're developing our CLTK text server API and have invested a good amount of dev hours in the contract between the Node.js/Meteor frontend and the Flask API, so thinking in the vein of lessons learned in microservices, it'd be really great to version our flask API, possibly with accept headers: cltk/cltk_api#39
Does that sound interesting? We have a number of issues in progress with exposing the core packages from the CLTK core, and recent updates in the CLTK should create new issues.
Luke Hollis
Aug 22 2016 02:16
One of the main updates to add after recent updates is the prosody modules: cltk/cltk_api#42
Ratul Ghosh
Aug 22 2016 04:38
Thanks @lukehollis . It sounds really interesting.
Luke Hollis
Aug 22 2016 06:42
Cool! Let me know anything else you need to get started.