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Nov 2016
Luke Hollis
Nov 03 2016 01:43
Hey all, we've got the alpha build of the frontend application out with 611 works and 109 authors. User accounts, bookmarks, bookshelf, etc. should be working correctly.
There's new guidelines for contributors with a copy of the mongo database that is lacking any user accounts or social login service configuration tokens.
You can still check out to get started.
We still need to build content with commentary, dictionary definitions, and translations, but the frontend will support them as we add them.
You can browse to the current alpha build at
Also, the issues here are the next goals:
Luke Hollis
Nov 03 2016 05:31
Seems like the text server interval sync is too slow now to be used for larger corpora. What are folks thoughts about possibly using the sync only via a webhook from target repositories in the cltk corpora? Open to any options.
Kyle P. Johnson
Nov 03 2016 23:47
Well done, Luke. Is there anything in particular you want me to say about when I email people? Are we in fact ready for the alpha debut?
and where should bug reports go? To the frontend repo?