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Nov 2016
Luke Hollis
Nov 04 2016 15:35 UTC
Hey @kylepjohnson, I got a chance to sit down with Lenny yesterday, and it looks like there's some pretty serious errors in the JSON files for the corpora we have ingested already. Will take a look at what's going on there.
Luckily he recognized them right away! (Looking at Pindar of course :) )
I wouldn't feel bad tweeting about the alpha release of the reading environment after we've ironed out where the errors are occurring with the JSON files and reingested the corpora.
Kyle P. Johnson
Nov 04 2016 15:49 UTC
I noticed yesterday that some ultimate grave accents had drifted off their vowel. That was on an Isocrates text, wasn't sure how far back the error went.
Have you confirmed yet that the error is in the JSON and not the original XML? Naturally I'll help so tell me where to start