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Mar 2018
Kevin Stadler
Mar 11 2018 17:16
@kylepjohnson thanks for the heads-up! I've already been in contact with @diyclassics about trying the new stop word module out on the existing Chinese corpora, but he said he wasn't sure who'd be suitable for mentoring a Classical Chinese project. Either way I'd probably write up some documentation just for myself about how to effectively work with TEI which could then also go into the main docs, but for this it would be good to know which is the "way to go" for corpus access. There might not be much point in creating documentation for one of the ad hoc solutions when there is already a new dedicated system for it in the pipeline, which is what I'm not clear about.
At the moment I'm aiming to write a proposal that combines improving TEI corpus access documentation with some Chinese NLP tools, but depending on what the project leads think is of higher priority I'd be happy to push the documentation component even more, to also cover polishing up the cltk/tutorials for inclusion in the main docs for example. So I'd be interested to hear what people think is more relevant at this time!