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hi, that is piece of sh*t
but they will improve it in Windows 10 soon
Farkas Péter
yeah, that's what I'm asking about
don't know yet
is it available?
Farkas Péter
the source code is available
ok, try to run it and see by self
maybe i'm just misunderstanding cmder but shouldn't the ConEmu.xml file be located in the config folder instead of the vendor directory?
i mean even the Readme mentions that the ConEmu.xml should be located there https://github.com/cmderdev/cmder/tree/master/config but when i open cmder.exe the "Storage" still insists on vendor\conemu-maximus5
Hello everyone, I open cmder in windows 10 ( 64bit ) very very slow to start ( 6~10 second). how to speed up booting? thanks
Biscuit Socaski
Hey does anyone know if its possible to disable these error message, they look like this?
Mehdi Zakaria Benadel
Hello, I have two queries on Cmder usage
Can we easily split screen to a specific shell without having to create tasks for each side ?
Can we customize the borders and icons of the app (other than the shells icons) ?
Gloomy Ghost
i want to run in cmd in an powershell tab e.g. 'bash -c "vi filename.txt"' and it says to me:
Windows Subsystem for Linux has no installed distributions.
but when i run this on normal powershell it works fine
what do i have to change in the settings?
@D-C-L-X-V-I I wuold run which bash in both to see where it is attempting to locate bash
Andrei Ungureanu
hi all, trying to get CMDER to start PS by default and also enable the SSH agent...any idea how to do this?
How to alias cd...=cd..&cd.. ?
hello all, please am trying to get CMDER to start
Ireneusz Patalas
@sliceofbytes That seems to work for me
Pooya Moradi
What do you think about using chocolaty to install (and upgrade) cmder?
George Alfaro
Hey yall, I was wondering if anyone has had the issue where the up-arrow only gets the most recent command and further presses repeat the same old commands from a while back. I must have changed a setting, but I can't figure it out
hey, anyone knows how to pass a command to start with into cmder? want to start many python scripts in the cmder tabs
how to set the interval between files' path i drag in, like i draged test1.txt and test2.txt now it shows "C:\test1.txt C:\test2.txt", but i want it to be "C:\test1.txt?C:\test2.txt". is there a way to do so?
Dax T Games
@pvonmoradi Chocolatey is a fine way to install Cmder although it is unnecessary. The install process is download and expand to a folder. Also the Chocolatey package for Cmder install is separate from Cmder and is not maintained by the Cmder team.
@darorl89 cmder -- [any supported conemu arg] Cmder 1.3.14+ required.
Jay Edry

Hey. I'm new to cmder. need some help creating a windows shortcut.

I would like to be able to double click a windows shortcut and bring up cmder but with two commands already run. This is what I did so far.
-I created a windows shortcut and right-clicked it and went to properties > Target "C:\cmder\Cmder.exe /TASK mytask"
-I opened cmder and went to Settings > StartUp > Tasks. Made a new task myTask with the following commands

cd C:\Users\userName\DirectoryIWantToStartIn
C:\Users\Janimator0\Anaconda3\Scripts\activate.bat C:\Users\Janimator0\Anaconda3\envs\myEnv

unfortunately this did not work is there another solution?

The error i get is
ConEmuC: Root process was alive less than 10 sec, ExitCode=0.
Dax T Games
@Janimator0_twitter you are not using Cmder. You are using Cmder.exe to launch Conemu.exe to run a custom Task.
@Janimator0_twitter is this setup something you want to run on every start of cmder or just sometimes?
Bartosh Polonski
Hello, I just started using cmder and vim. Maybe you know how to add this vim syntax highlighting : https://github.com/vim-scripts/fountain.vim/tree/master/syntax
Dax T Games

@barelief According to https://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=3880

install details
Save the file fountain.vim to your ~/.vim/syntax directory and add a line in your ~/.vimrc or in ~/.vim/filetype.vim to load this syntax file for all *.fountain files, or create an additional fountain.vim file in ~/.vim/ftdetect including this line:

au BufRead,BufNewFile *.fountain set filetype=fountain

Prince Rajput
today i am reinstalling cmder and as i download the zip it showing corrupted ?, is today cmder is down or i am doing something wrong..
Hey guys,
did somebody noticed that cmder is adding a single space at the end of a line if it needs a line break? I totally agree, that this makes it more easy to read, but as soon as i copy paste this command from cmder to any other application i end up having a broken command.
Dax T Games
@DaniW42 the gui for cmder is conemu. Cmder is the configuration of several software packages into a single package. It could be a setting in Conemu or just the way Conemu works. Does the same thing happen if not running Cmder in Conemu?
Jim Schneder
Hey there, I had cmder integrated into VS Code a while ago. I have a new setup and I'm having issues with the Terminal in VS Code seeing the color formatting. So I'm guessing it's an issue with the init.cmd running as the terminal is telling me it cannot find the specified path. I ran through the Wiki set the environment variables, set my path. I've tried rebooting to make sure the environment stuff took effect. I can run cmder from cmd.exe just fine. But for some reason I don't have any of the wonderful color coding in VS Code. Any one have an idea on how to fix this? Thanks in Advance. :)
Jim Schneder
Ugh I may have figured it out, long story short, we have new Admin accounts on our machines at work, and I had setup cmder to run before that. So I'm guessing there are some environment variables from my locked down user account that is overriding the ones that I have set Globally, which is even more weird. I would've thought that the Global would've overridden the user.
Hello guys, it's possible use cmder in windows to FTP?
Dax T Games
@VincentJorge can you clarify your question? Cmder Is a shell enhancement and does not really have anything to do with FTP. It can like any other shell run an ftp client to access files on an FTP server.
May Lee
Hello all!
Mayank Aggarwal

Hello everyone

I am Mayank Aggarwal, a 3rd year student pursuing Btech in Information Technology from Manipal University Jaipur.

I am here to grow as a developer with a set of like minded people

Check me out at

Portfolio: https://mayank0255.github.io/
GitHub: https://github.com/Mayank0255
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mayank-aggarwal-14301b168

Kyle Ludwig
Hi. Anyone know how to get kubectl autocomplete to work on cmder in windows