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Repo info
Xu GaoXiang
and NO stranger
hi all
can anybody answer please
What according to you may be the reason for drop of confidence rate in Openface ?
@bamos @Anand02
hi all
can anybody answer please
What according to you may be the reason for drop of confidence rate in Openface ?
please tell me how to install openface properly
i am getting import error
i am getting import error even after installing from github.
Shubham Thakur
Hello there
is anyone here ? ? ?
Xu GaoXiang
@sagarkpatil3 error message?
@xugaoxiang import error
Konstantinos Papadopoulos
Hello, can someone explain me how can I install a demo of the application please?
Konstantinos Papadopoulos
oh nvm I think I've found it ^^
Recurrent Neural Network Genetic Algorithm learning to play Agairo in multiworld https://youtu.be/O5RwsW0Bsrw
Xu GaoXiang
how to use facenet model in openface? \
hello everybody
how i can run openface in c# app
have you any idea about using API of openface in C#
Aditya Addepalli
Hi everyone! I wanted to know how the pre-trained models were generated. Specifically, I want the architecture and details of the last layer using in training for generation of the pre-trained models. Thanks a bunch.
hello ,i want to ask one question,why i use facenet to test on the LFW
hello ,i want to ask one question,why i use facenet to test on the LFW the result is terrible? ths
Guys, how well it works? I setup web demo and it's showing people wrong even though it is trained ok and not showing any unknown. Can someone explain how accurate it is in general? Does it only detect one face at a time?
Gant Laborde
Greetings fellow engineers! I’m looking for sage advice on a project. I want to write a phone app that identifies a single person.
I was wondering if anyone has successfully ported this python lib to iPhone.
Yehor Sikachov
@GantMan i highly do not recommend to port this library
you could you tensorflow lite as a framework for run dl models on phones and what you need is to port an architecture. you could find this at google with request "facenet"
Italo José
some one already installed the openFace in arch linux(manjaro)?
Xu GaoXiang
@netdevilz_twitter , openface support multi-face in an image, it works well on lcoal camera, but not well on IP camera(ONVIF), and it need more images to train that is not feasible in real world. I have seen a product that only need one picture per person and doing recognition well .The worst thing is openface do not recognize unknown person.
Hello! I'm using Android Studio and need some help with the installation process and use of the API. I intend to compare an image captured by the application to all the images in a dataset and return the most similar image.
Hello! Can anybody tell what does the model such as nn4.v1, nn4.small1.v1 mean in openface?

Hi, I'm not sure this is the right room, but I'm trying to deploy openface to Heroku and I'm getting the following error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "./demos/web/websocket-server.py", line 22, in
import txaio
ImportError: No module named txaio
So I tried adding txaio >= 2.10.0 to the requirements.txt, but nothing changed.

Any idea what that might be?

Am I here?
That's great...
Hello ! Can't we use openface for open set data ? That is I will use a pre trained model and then give the query images to perform the facial recognition on the given test frames.A model like facenet or sphereface.
hi everybody ! Is openFace code available in python only? i know python language only in openface repo lua language also included. if anyone tried with only in python please help me out

Hi There,

I was trying to understand the code by cowbjt on https://github.com/cowbjt/openface/tree/demo-web-stand-alone. I wanted to detect "unknown" face when the classifier is called. But I am struggling to understand where can i program it. Can anyone please help me out here.

Hey all, does anyone know if the OpenFace model has ever been evaluated on the WIDERFace data set?
This seems like the new benchmark for state of the art models but I can't find any record of OpenFace being run on it
Hi all. Can anyone explain how can we import openface in django or if not how to implement it on web
Hi everybody, I'm Tam, I'm sure this question was ask several time before, but I can't find an answer to this: Is there a way to build and run Openface on Windows (7)? Thank you!
Hi Can use Openface for the profile/side face recognition
how can i re-train model when have new data.
how can I install bamos/openface on windows 7?
Aml fawzy
hello every body
i see post that taking about triple loss technique with open face
what i wanna say i wanna help to use this technique to build a hand recognition model like open face can any one help ?
Abhijeet Chauhan
Can anyone send me the link on the code from facenet where triplets are selected?