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Aug 2016
Aug 25 2016 04:15
@Adrianzatreanu just used coala-install - works well for bears like PEP8, PyLint.
In the list of bears, it has a coalaBear. What is that ?!
A short description for the bear or a link for me to read about it would be very helpful
If I don't have autopep8 installed, it fails - as you mentioned in the main coala channel
Aug 25 2016 04:39
Also, when i press Ctrl+C in between the program, it gives an ugle KeyboardInterruptError
ugly *
How do I uninstall these installed bears !!!!
^ And dependencies
Lasse Schuirmann
Aug 25 2016 06:33
I think at the moment you cannot... @Adrianzatreanu we kind of missed to give your requrements classes an uninstall command huh?
Zatreanu Adrian-Gabriel
Aug 25 2016 08:04
@sils1297 i didnt miss, i gave it last night :)
@AbdealiJK my cib tool is completely revamped
It has --show to show a list of all bears
Install all/installl x,y
Uninstall all/uninstall x,y
Upgrade all, upgrade x, y
It looks really good right now
The only issue im having is the one i mentioned ij coala channel - i dont know how to install bears with pip requirements.
The only fix im thinking of is for those bears with pip requirements to create a requirements.txt too, and those requirements will also be installed.
Not the cleanest solution - but unless its possible in a better way, i think its a solution that works.
Aug 25 2016 09:08
@Adrianzatreanu how do I try cib ?
Zatreanu Adrian-Gabriel
Aug 25 2016 09:15
pip3 install cib? :D
@AbdealiJK if i parse the code normally and search for REQUIREMENTS, my requirement classes are as good as nothing, i could have written them in a docstring :D
read the instructions please, it does quite a lot :D
Aug 25 2016 21:39
hi, can maybe one of you restart the AppVeyor build for coala-analyzer/coala-bears#655 please?
it should actually work. :)
Zatreanu Adrian-Gabriel
Aug 25 2016 21:49
Aug 25 2016 21:50