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Oct 2016
Zatreanu Adrian-Gabriel
Oct 10 2016 12:42
why is coala failling here?
from coalib.bearlib.abstractions.Linter import linter
from coalib.bears.requirements.PipRequirement import PipRequirement

class StarDestroyerBear:
    Checks the code with ``star_destroyer``. This will check and remove any
    ``import *`` imports in your code.
    LANGUAGES = {"Python", "Python 2", "Python 3"}
    REQUIREMENTS = {PipRequirement('star_destroyer', '1.*')}
    AUTHORS = {'The coala developers'}
    LICENSE = 'AGPL-3.0'
    CAN_FIX = {'Unused Code'}

    def create_arguments(filename, file, config_file):
        return filename,
is the bear code
(venv) Adrians-MacBook-Pro:python adrianzatreanu$ coala --bear-dirs=. --bears=StarDestroyerBear
[WARNING][15:40:09] The default coafile '.coafile' was not found. You can generate a configuration file with your current options by adding the `--save` flag.
[WARNING][15:40:09] Unable to collect bears from /Users/adrianzatreanu/coala-bears/bears/python/ Probably the file is malformed or the module code raises an exception.
[WARNING][15:40:09] No bears were found matching 'StarDestroyerBear'. Make sure you have coala-bears installed or you have typed the name correctly.
Executing section Default...
(venv) Adrians-MacBook-Pro:python adrianzatreanu$
oh lul
its called PyLintBear
Oct 10 2016 12:43

MacBook Pro

You bought a mac?!

Zatreanu Adrian-Gabriel
Oct 10 2016 12:43
copy paste skills went wrong
yeah, in august
eh shit same error
not sure why im getting it
Zatreanu Adrian-Gabriel
Oct 10 2016 12:50
their tool doesnt even have an entry point
you need to run it with python3 -m star_destroyer ..
they have all the code in one file
what am i using
my god